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Review: Lesson 01. Flawless Fitting Foundation by The Face Shop

Last August 3, I received the following message from The Face Shop:

Get a Free Seat to celebrity make up artist, Mr. Son Dae Sik’s Make Up Show at d Trinoma Activity Center on August 17, 4pm. Visit any THE FACESHOP store & register

I was informed that all Club20 VIP members received this SMS, so I was very excited! But of course, I don’t want to go there alone…

So I asked my sister to come with me and she can…IF we will buy one of the items included in the new Face It Lesson 01 Collection:

At first, I’d like to have the Circle Face brush, but I changed my mind :p

I end up buying Lesson 01. Face It Flawless Fitting Foundation.

I rarely buy liquid foundation since I have so many BB creams and I’m very satisfied with them. So for me, no need for liquid foundation.

Nevertheless, I’m excited to try this Flawless Fitting foundation.

Talking about the product’s packaging, the first thing I noticed is the word "Change-up"

I even tried Google search just to understand what they meant by that, here’s what I gathered:

Urban Dictionary - alter method of operation

Merriam-Webster Dictionarybaseball : a slow pitch that is thrown with the same motion as a fastball in order to fool the batter

So neither make sense >_____<

This is my own analyzation of The Face Shop’s "Change-up THEFACE by magic touch" : Improve/Enhance Your Face with Magic Touch (this magic touch pertains to either the makeup artist or the product itself)

Moving forward, you’ll notice this at the top part of the box:

He is Mr. Son Dae Sik, the one who will conduct the Makeup Show this Aug. 17 @ Trinoma! I’m so excited to meet him. The whole collection is dedicated to him since he will be the one to introduce Lesson 01 :)

If you will look at the other side of the box, you will see a QR Code:

This code will lead to The Face Shop’s website, BUT the site is KOREAN T-T How could I…understand??? :’(

I guess, I’ll just wait for Aug 17 ~

Let’s see what’s inside the box:

As of now, The Face Shop Philippines is offering one shade and one size: NB23, 40mL

This size costs 1,195 pesos T-T (Let’s not talk about the price ~.~)

Wonder how NB23 shade looks like? Here:

At first, I thought “oh no, this is too far from my tone" (my usual complaint to Face Shop)…However, I was surprised:

Bravo! It blended well ^________^

Under normal lighting:

At the above pic, I didn’t apply any foundation on my arm but its tone is close to my hand (you’ll barely notice ^-^)

Since it’s raining all day, I wonder if the product is waterproof:


Totally loving it~

I used this and after 5 hours, this is what I looked like:

You will notice the oily areas, but it still looked nice.

Here are the close-up pics:



Flawless Fitting truly provided flawless coverage on my skin.

I have broken capillaries near my cheeks (both sides) but you won’t see them! (wahahahah~)

Since my skin is shining shimmering with oil, I decided to remove the oil with the use of a film, this is the result:

Not so shiny anymore~

Overall assessment


-packaging (nice color combination: pink + black <3)

-full, flawless coverage

-nice smell


-blends well (skin tone appears very natural)

-skin protection (SPF35, PA++)


-confusing slogan (“Change-Up THEFACE by magic touch” <—please change this >.<)

-QR Code that leads to Korean site (English please! Dear Face Shop, please create a separate QR Code leading to your English site T____T)

-dry feel (after applying, so if you have dry skin, better use BB cream or moisturizing cream before applying the foundation)

I’m really happy with Flawless Fitting Foundation and I 100% agree to their product description:

A fitting foundation for a healthy skin tone and a fair and even skin appearance

This is a must-try! 

To those who wants to join the August Giveaway, check this:

Some reminders regarding the giveaway:

I indicated that you can put as many entries as you can.

If you can’t access the survey anymore, then you may use other PCs or mobile phones or you may clear your cache (this is a tip! ^-^)

Don’t forget to fill up the rafflecopter form every time you answer the survey or like our FB page!

Beckikay© signing off…


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